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A Bit About

The Frankford Youth Centre opened its doors in October 2012, when local parents, youth and community churches came together to establish a safe place, for the kids in the Frankford community. 


"We imagined that it would be in a neutral location… not a ‘church thing’ but an ‘in between the world and the church thing.’ We wanted it to be a spot for kids to be safe. We imagined it would be a place that would give them something to do. Instead of wandering the streets of Frankford, they could go to the youth centre. We also imagined that it would be a place of benefit. When there’s social issues or things that they are struggling with, it would be a place where they can be connected to caring adults that can help. First of all be a listening ear, but beyond that, connect them with resources that could be of help." - Brandon Shillington


“When my kids [now grown] were going to school, they always had the presence of a parent at home. What I see in the community more prevalently is that both parents are working and there is not a good family connection. The kids either go home to a place where there isn’t anybody or go hang out in the street. This is a place where kids can go for good mentoring, role models, and possibly an avenue to connect with God and the Christian lifestyle." - Frank Meiboom


To love and serve the youth of Frankford

in positive, practical ways.


To love and serve the youth of Frankford by offering:

  • A safe place to belong

  • Life Skill coaching

  • Recreational opportunities

  • Counsel and support

  • Spiritual guidance 

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